RAIT 88 is a Defence Engineering Center about: Design, Integration, Repairs, Management and Obsolescence solutions.

We are the only company in Italy to work without documentations provided by the customer by supplying FFF (Form Fit Function) products.

Since 2019 RAIT 88 has officially become part of the 40 strategic suppliers chosen to participate in the Elite Leonardo Lounge program.

In the same year, thanks to the efforts to the commitment and accuracy that has always distinguished the company ethics, RAIT 88 was awarded the Excellence of the Year Innovation & Leadership Healthcare Information Systems and Excellence of the Year Innovation & Leadership Electronic Supply Chain, during the ceremony of the “Le Fonti Awards®️”.

Since 1st January 2020, through the merger by acquisition, RAIT 88 has incorporated the Know-how, resources and products of Labtronik Srl, together with all its quality certifications (EN 9100, EN 9110, EN 9120, ISO 9001) confirming itself more and more as a reference point in the Mechanics and Robotics sectors.





RAIT 88 Elite
RAIT 88 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche