The Code of Ethics identifies our corporate values, highlighting the set of right, duties and responsabilities of the recipients of the Code itself.

The adoption of the Code is therefore an expression of a business context. That as its first objective aim to satisfy, in the best way, the needs and expectations of those who come into contact with the R.A.I.T. 88 S.R.L.. In other words, this guarantees and promotes a high standard of professionalism. At the same time prohibiting all those behaviors that conflict with current legislation, but also with the values ​​that R.A.I.T. 88 S.R.L. makes its own. To clarify as honesty, moral integrity, transparency, reliability, sense of responsibility, respect for confidentiality and privacy.

The Code of Ethics is available to all employees, collaborators, consultants, partners and suppliers who collaborate with the Company, so that they observe their contents.

In conclusion, it is the responsibility of each employee to consult their superior for any clarification. This relating to the interpretation or application of the rules of conduct contained in this document, or in other directives issued by the competent R.A.I.T. 88 S.R.L..