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Experience turns into value when channelled and directed towards achieving new goals. Preserving the heritage of the past years in the company and using it as a witness to be passed in the hands of the young people makes it possible to realise the support of the old with the new better, encouraging the transmission of culture and information.


Quality in our company doesn’t mean to show a Certificate or a Manual. Quality means strategy. The strategy helps us to stay in the market, being sure to be able to say what you want and be heard. Of course, it has a cost. It is hard to manage and requires a lot of effort at all the business levels. But if you can understand that it projects you in front of others, then you will not want to avoid it, and can no longer do without it.

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It is a term that is very often abused in the business and services world. Everyone pretends to be more professional than the others. Perhaps, it is thought that simply claiming to be professional bypasses those who do our same work. In our company, things are different. Professionalism is not “flaunted” but simply demonstrated, day after day.

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Rair88 means quality, precision and professionalism. Our products represent the top of every single gamma, guaranteeing the maximum customer satisfaction.

Main Deliveries

Passion and dedication are among the main elements that characterise Rait88. In this section, you will discover some of the most significant achievements we have accomplished over the years.


We only work with the best. In that way, we can offer our customers the solution that meets their needs, guaranteeing the reliability and solidity of the leading market players.