Main Deliveries

This security and access control system has as its main characteristic the way in which all of its components communicate, whether cameras, remote control stations or storage servers, using for all a WAN system that among its main features has:

  • ENVS at edge of LAN – The absence of cabling significantly reduces costs
  • ENVS Store & Forward – Reduces the bandwidth required to use the system
  • Built-in Hard Disk – Reduces memory required for system operation
  • Rescue SERVER at the edge of the LAN reduces the required WAN bandwidth

System Features:

There are different types of cameras, which vary according to the environments they occupy. The easy to install IP Cameras have a recording system through Storage Servers, and through the ThorGuard system, they adapt their position automatically depending on the input received.
The 360 cameras, on the other hand, are perfect for large rooms, mainly designed for open spaces.

The management and control software is easy to manage and very intuitive; it is based on an alerts system that alerts the user, in front of the device, of any problems that may range from the battery level of a camera to tampering.

RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification,’ an automatic data acquisition and identification system, consisting of one or more readers and one or more transponders, through which data is transmitted via radio waves or electromagnetic pulses. The two basic components of an RFID system are the transponder and the reader.
RFID transponders (or commonly called tags) are the non-electronic components (based on RLC electric circuit) that are placed on the objects to be managed. It can take on the appearance of an adhesive or stitched label, or a chip just a few millimetres in size. Resistant to stress and temperature variations (-40C, +85C), it can be applied from clothing to pallets and containers.
The reader is the electronic component able to query the transponder, retrieve and decipher the data contained in it, manage collisions between response messages and interface with an existing information system (computer, controller, industrial, etc.). Usually composed of two parts: the control unit and the antennas. The first is a real microcomputer that deals with communication with transponders and data processing, while the antennas are the real physical interfaces between the tags and the control unit. The size of a reader varies according to its range and can be about ten centimetres or large.

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RFID has some simple advantages over the traditional barcode and magnetic stripe technologies:

  • It does not need to be in contact to be read like magnetic strips
  • It must not be visible to be read as with barcodes.
  • You can also add information depending on the type of chip (Read Only: Once written at the very 1st time, you can only read the information contained; Write Once – Read Many: you can write the information to the chip only once, but read it an unlimited number of times; Read and Write: you can read and store data for a limited number but significant number of times).
  • Identification and verification take place in 1/10 of a second.
  • Communication can be clear or encrypted

Areas of Application

Controlling the illegal market Anti-theft devices
Transportation Logistics Automation


Our Asset Monitoring project allows the control all of the Assets that are to be monitored in a specific area. This is especially suitable for large internal structures such as public offices. It is a system particularly suitable for Open Space zones, and it monitors Desk Computers, Laptop Computers, VME Subrack (Special Computers), creating a control system of all the machines connected to the system. The tags should be placed on the outside of the machines because putting them inside would cause reception problems since the metal has the insulating function.

The project consists in the realisation of a security system with access control and video surveillance station that can record in automatic mode the occurrence of certain events, such as passage through specific areas or facial recognition.

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Rait88 aeroporto di ciampino

The project consists in the realisation of an automated system for the management of the taxi flow towards the arrival lanes of the Ciampino airport flights, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency of the service. The flow of vehicles is managed through the identification of cars, the application of rules and the assignment of a progressive number to each taxi automatically.


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Main Deliveries

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