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Embedded Electronics

In electronics and computer science, the term embedded system is used to generically identify all those electronic systems of microprocessor specifically designed for processing a given application (special purpose) that can’t be reprogrammed by the user for other purposes. It often has an ad hoc hardware platform, integrated into the system, which controls and manages all or part of the required functions.
This field includes various systems and sizes, depending on the type of the microprocessor, the operating system, and the software’s complexity, which can vary from a few hundred bytes to several megabyte codes. Microcontrollers belong to this category of microelectronic processing systems. Unlike general purpose computers, an embedded system has tasks that are already known during its development, which it will perform, thanks to a hardware/software combination, specifically designed for this application. As a result, the hardware can be reduced to a minimum specs to reduce space requirements; thereby, reducing power consumption, processing time (increased efficiency) and manufacturing costs. Moreover, the software execution is often done in real time (real-time) to allow a deterministic control of the execution times.


ICT is the set of methods and technologies that make up the systems of transmission, reception, and processing of information (including digital technologies). The use of technology in information management and processing is of increasing strategic importance to organisations. Educational institutions, in particular, through their educational project, provide specialised training courses and transversal use of ICT for different disciplines. Today, information technology (digital devices and software programmes) and telecommunications (telematic networks) are the two pillars on which the “communication society” is built.
The ultimate goal of information technology is, however, the manipulation of information data through its conversion, storage, protection, transmission and secure retrieval. Information Technology is also a field of study that deals with the storage, processing or transformation and representation of information with the help of the computer and related technologies. This includes the research, design, development, implementation, support, and management of computerised information and telecommunications systems, also paying attention to software applications and the hardware components that host them.
Our works are characterised by multiple capacities of intervention, from the installation to the design of telematic architectures, from the management of databases to the design of integrated services for the convergence of informatics and telephony in telematics for the new methods of information transmission.

System Integration

The task of the system integrator is to make different systems interact with each other to create a new functional structure that can synergistically use the potential of the original systems and thus creating functionalities that were not originally present. System integrators can work in different fields, but the term originated in the context of information technology (IT), defence industry and media.

Symmetry Access Control System

Symmetry is easier to use. The most powerful access control system for any size of the organisation.

Update Ruscus Cases Perfect Pictures with Symmetry TODAY

The Symmetry System is the choice to upgrade Rusk Cases Picture Perfect, Secure Perfect or FCWnX

Card Readers

Use iClass or stylish Javelin HID card readers with support for MIFARE, DESFire, PIV, TWIC and Prox cards.

Symmetry Overview

Symmetry Access Control – Integrated Security Solution

The Symmetry™ is an advanced security management system for Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intrusion detection developed by AMAG Technology. The Symmetry is the world’s most popular integrated access control system, with a highly scalable design that starts from the smallest system to the largest, capturing the needs of small offices and schools to the largest companies such as: Multi-national, Governments, Universities, Hospitals, Factories, Power Plants, Computer Centers and Manufacturing Industries.
Symmetry meets every challenge in IT, ICT, and Team IS, with support for server cluster virtualisation, DHCP, SNMP, and client deployment for zero installs. AMAG is Microsoft’s Gold Partner for application development, and the Symmetry is developed according to ISO27001, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certification standards. The Symmetry provides the next-generation PoE+ for port control that is ideal for IT Access Control management.

Video Management System

Symmetry provides seamless integration of access control, alarm management and video surveillance. The Symmetry video surveillance system includes software for the built-in Network Video Recorder (NVR), allowing it to screen and capture the stream of video recording directly from the IP camera of the most well-known manufacturers including Axis, Panasonic, Bosch and other leading brands in the H.264 security camera range.
In addition, the Symmetry access control system can be integrated with other leading video management system partners such as Avigilon, DVTel, Exacq, Panasonic, Salient, Verint, Milestone, OnSSI and Pelco. By combining Symmetry access control with one or more of these video management systems, the response of security events becomes even more effective and responsive, effectively reducing the overall cost to security ratio through improved efficiency within the security team.


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