The Engineering & System Integration department is the beating hearth of the Company, where the ideas of our customers are shaped, filtered by our engineers and transformed in concrete high quality solutions.

It’s a specialised department formed by different areas of expertise: Research and Analysis of Materials, CAD Design, Simulations, Mechanical and Electrical Design for the development of Complex Systems.

What distinguishes the excellence of this specialised department is the synergy between the parties, managed and coordinated with a risk-based thinking approach, which allows the meeting standard of the two main requirements: compliance with deadlines (on time) and compliance with requirements (on quality).


FEM Analysis

Finite Element Analysis or FEA is the simulation of a physical phenomenon using a numerical mathematic technique referred to as the Finite Element Method, or FEM. This process is at the core of mechanical engineering, as well as a variety of other disciplines. It also is one of the key principles used in the development of simulation software. Engineers can use these FEM to reduce the number of physical prototypes and run virtual experiments to optimize their designs. 

Complex mathematics is required in order to understand the physical phenomena that occur all around us. These include things like fluid dynamics, wave propagation, and thermal analysis.

CFD Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the analysis of fluid flows using numerical solution methods. This is the most advanced tool for engineers to analyse fluids’ physic, in order to provide the most performing products.

Thanks to CFD Analysis is it possible to improve the final products, reduce costs, optimize the efficiency. Moreover, discover troubles which otherwise would be hard to find. It’s an indispensable tool to study the fluid dynamic reactions of a machine, a component or any dispositive featured by fluids and/or heat transmission.

Electronic Circuit Design

RAIT 88 also design custom PCB on demand. Thanks to decades of experience and to our sophisticated tools, we can create electronic devices, custom circuits or specific projects based on customer needs.

Design electrical diagram, study of the PCB master, Prototyping, Realization and Testing of the boards, characterization and industrialization are the typical activities of a project.

All the design phases are developed in close contact with the customer (Design Review) in an industrial product perspective.



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