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The quick evolution and spread of different kinds of hardware, digital encoding, operative systems or common and specialized softwares, made it possible that digital obsolescence became a problem of such large proportions.

Obsolescence Management is the key to prevent many problems that may occur in an immediate future.

To solve this problem, different paths can be taken:

  • Create new expensive modern equipment
  • Repair the obsolete component
  • Realize new systems by Reverse Engineering process in accordance with the principle of Form, Fit & Function


For several years in the Military, Civil and Health sectors, the problem of obsolescence is known to many.

The main causes are the enormous costs necessary for the modernisation of existing systems and the ever-shorter lifecycle of products and components.

Obsolescence is a hot topic in military supply, where the lifetime of an electronic system can last longer than its components availability.

Also Health facilities and Civil organizations are extremely sensitive to these issues.

Dealing with obsolete components out of production is a daily problem inside electonics industry.

Those components can be managed with an interdisciplinary approach in order to reduce risk to a minimum.

Our storage allow the complete traceability of electronic components, referred to the purchase data and stocking.

They permit a precise FiFO management and report the components expiring date.


RAIT88 is your solution to:


With over 30 years of experience in the Obsolescence Management,
our processes are certified ISO 9001

  • Full client support
  • Engineering Services and Lifecycle products management optimization
  • Customer Oriented Solutions
  • Early risk mitigation planning
  • Components & systems full management
  • Real time Monitoring & Alert on Obsolete component
  • All Part Types: Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, COTS, Hardware, Chemicals, Software, etc.
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