RAIT 88 was founded in 1988 by Calabrò family, with the Goal of providing products and services to companies operating in the electronics sector of the market.


Thanks to the investments carried out in the following fields: Planning & Design Activities, Reverse Engineering and Industrialization of Electronical Systems, together with maintenance and repair activities of integrated systems, we created of a Professional hub centered around excellence and efficiency.

Since 2019, RAIT 88 has officially joined the 40 strategic suppliers chosen to participate in the Elite Leonardo Lounge program.

In the same year, thanks to the commitment and seriousness that have always distinguished the Company’s ethics, RAIT 88 was awarded during the ceremony of “Le Fonti Awards®”: Excellence of the Year Innovation & Leadership Healthcare Information Systems and Excellence of the Year Innovation & Leadership Electronic Supply Chain.

Award also received in 2020 for having confirmed the level of excellence in the field of the supply of goods and services to companies in the professional electronic sector and for having undertaken an innovative, highly technological path, with the challenging goal of supporting the country system.

RAIT 88 it’s a Defense Engineering Center specialized on: Design, Integration, Reparation, Management and Obsolescence Solutions.

With passion and resilience, the Calabrò family made it possible that RAIT 88 is the only Italian Company able to work without products documentation respecting the FFF (Form Fit Function) principles.

Since 1st January 2020 RAIT 88, thanks to the results obtained and the guarantees given by its quality certificates (EN 9100, EN 9110, EN 9120, ISO 9001), is consolidated as a supplier at NATO, opens the new divisions of Robotics and Virtual Reality and begins to participate in the PNRM in the field of Defense.