A high level of product quality and of its components can be influenced from strains received during the steps of packaging, shipping and storage operations. This could lead to malfunctions caused by unforeseeable and not visible flaws during production. In addition, if the environment in which the product operates is subject to a sudden change in temperature it might cause quality problems. With the Testing chamber and Stress screening it is possible to prevent them.

RAIT 88 due to its wide experience, is equipped with rooms for testing different product types in different fields of applications. This in order to detect unforeseeable future flaws and to verify it’s reaction to controlled temperature and humidity variations, during production or that might come up after years of use from the Prime.

The Stress Screenings tests provided by RAIT 88 help Primes to improve the reliability of their goods, by conducting climate and thermal stress to force the emergence of potentials defects in the product and to intervene in the planning stages to improve its quality.

These procedures assure that the problems which normally come up during the duration of the product life may be discovered during the testing stages, before the production is started with rapid steps at extreme temperatures to stress the emergence of product defects.

RAIT 88 in line with the MIL-STF 883 / MIL-STD 810 standards is able to develop ad hoc testing plans and optimize flows of exiting plans. The expertise of our engineer allows to internally design test-jig up to digital requirements, analogical and high performance RF.



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