In the early 10’s, Virtual Reality technologies made their way into the entertainment and business applications market, but showed the weaknesses of a technology that was then still unripe. After years of development these techniques, however, have evolved significantly. Today, thanks to them, it is finally possible to develop solutions that were unthinkable until recently.

It is in this context that RAIT88 has cultivated internally, over time, the know-how of interactive 3D software development systems. Therefore, today it can be a strategic partner in the realization of cutting-edge solutions in the military, civil, robotics and avionics industries.


The applications of these new cutting-edge technologies can be combined with different fields, such as:






Innovation is one of the key principles that accompany us, but it requires a constant effort of investment in research and development and highly specialized competent figures. These professional figures must be transferred from the context of entertainment, very different from the industrial one, but which allow us to develop new products with cutting-edge technologies.

Thanks to all this, we also aim to offer in the future also Mixed Reality products, thanks to which 3D objects and interfaces will be viewable in the real world.

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